Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to order Suppressor?

Many states allow the use of hunting with suppressed firearms, much to the enjoyment of the sportsman. However, please check your state law concerning the use of a suppressor with hunting as each state is different. Silencers are regulated under the NFA (National Firearms Act) law of 1939. The BATFE regulates the transfer of these items.

Note: Without any hassle, we can still transfer a suppressor to you whenever you place an order

What to do if I have a warranty issue?

All of our products our covered by our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. If you have any issues, just fill out our contact form and we’ll take care of you. We’ll work with you to figure out what caused the issue and make sure it’s fixed.

Do you offer Returns or Cancellations?

Transfer of NFA items is controlled by Federal and State laws and we can ship suppressors to with(out) valid FFL/SOT holders. In order to ship, we must have valid copies of the FFL & SOT for those who have, order confirmation of your order and correct informations  before shipping. If you can’t find anyone in your area, please contact us for assistance, we can help you locate one. We will deliver your purchases in the state of Texas. We are not able to accept returns or cancel orders on NFA items and/or firearms once the transfer has begun. There are strict Federal Regulations that prescribe returns. We will work with you and the manufacturer to resolve any issues.

How long does it takes to get my product?

Transfer of suppressors normally takes a long while due to the various processes we have to go through but note with us, the delivery will depend on your state, how long you take to make payments, then we process the necessary documents and stamps and all this may done in 1-2 weeks time.

Are you guys legit and products real?

Yes of course, Normally before you get to operate with Suppressors you must have seek the knowledge of the NFA department. All our products are authentic and of best quality.