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Rugged Suppressors, the company that created the industry’s first-ever modular rifle suppressor with the Surge 762, has now launched the industry’s quietest 45 pistol suppressor—the Obsidian 45™.

This new multi-caliber, modular pistol suppressor meters at an industry-leading 129.3 decibels dry on .45ACP. Constructed of aluminum and 17-4PH stainless steel, the Obsidian 45 also comes with Adapt™ Modular Technology. The Adapt™ module allows users to configure the Obsidian in a standard 8.6” to a 6.7” short configuration within seconds. It’s full-auto rated for pistol calibers up-to .45 ACP can be used with 300 Blackout subsonic rifle ammunition.

Rugged Obsidian 45

“We’re known for our modular suppressors,” said Henry Graham, President of Rugged Suppressors, “so when we were designing our introductory pistol offering, we knew it had to be modular. What you have with the Obsidian is a no compromise 45 suppressor that customers can choose to configure themselves.

The Obsidian 45’s namesake comes from the tough, naturally occurring volcanic glass made from cooled lava. And it lives up to its name. It comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. (Drop it from a mountaintop and Rugged will fix it or replace it free of charge.)

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The History of Suppressors

In 1902, the first successful, commercially available suppressor was invented by Hiram Percy Maxim. Maxim was an American inventor, graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and son of Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim – inventor of the first portable, fully automatic machine gun: the Maxim Gun.

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The Maxim Silencer, patented in 1909, was a tubular device attached to the barrel of a firearm which reduces noise and muzzle flash when fired. It was regularly advertised in sporting goods catalogs where it was available for mail order. The Maxim Silencer was marketed to all sportsmen and intended to enhance the shooting experience by reducing the risk of hearing damage and noise pollution.

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